What we do ?

Weighing systems play a vital role in almost all the manufacturing industries as any error in weighing raw material or finished products directly affects profitability. Productivity is reducesincase any of the process weighing or dispatch weighing systems stop functioning. Due to these reasons very prompt & expert services are desired by all industries. Customers like HPCL & SPSL in the regions of Mumbai & Pune seek services from Nagpur based company just because they are sure of getting prompt expert services which local parties do not guarantee.

PLC programming

We have a dedicated experienced team for PLC Programming. We develop PLC programs using Unitronics, Alen Bradly, Mitsubishi, Delta & Siemens PLC’s.

Maintenance of Weighing Machines & PLC’s

We have a dedicated wing for maintenance of Weighing Scales & PLC’s.

Installation of Variable Frequency Drives

We have dedicated experienced manpower for working on various VFD’s.

Industrial Civil Works.

We have a dedicated wing to execute Industrial Civil Works

Piping Works

We have Dedicated Team & Infrastructure for execution of Piping needs of Industries.

Repairs / Up-Gradations

Load cell is said to be the heart of weighing system. It is also the costliest component of weighing systems. Few years back no one could believe that Damages Load Cells can be repaired. We developed technology to repair damaged Load cells which otherwise used to be scrapped. It’s a good deal for customers to get a Load cell repaired at 30—35% cost of new Load Cell. So far we have repaired more than 1000 Load cells.